Fresh, high-quality names, emails, phone numbers and mailing addresses of people interested in starting their own home-based business. These people are income opportunity seekers who have recently requested information on a money-making business opportunities and/or work from home offers.. The Direct Mail Leads are a maximum of 90 days old and include full name and complete mailing address, and are Guaranteed Deliverable*, they also come with email and phone numbers so you can follow up. These leads are excellent prospects for all types of income opportunities, business opportunities, MLM programs, work at home offers, etc...

*To qualify for the Guaranteed Deliverable Offer, your mail piece/address label, must have "OR CURRENT RESIDENT" printed on it.  We ONLY guarantee the mailing address is a good address, unable to forward "nixies" because of a move not updated in the USPS database DOES NOT qualify for the refund. Returned mail pieces MUST be returned to us within 45 days of purchase date to qualify.

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